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E-150 Gun Safe Dehumidifier Disposable Pouch (4-PACK)

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POWERFUL GUN SAFE DEHUMIDIFIER: Works in areas up to 150 cubic feet.

EASY TO USE & CARRY: These compact and disposable charcoal-activated moisture absorbers are spill-free, mess-free, and non-toxic, making them completely child & pet safe. Just toss one into your bag, shoebox, glove box, or gun bag and you’re ready to go!

SMALL & COMPACT DEHUMIDIFYING POUCHES HELP ELIMINATE ODORS: Each portable charcoal-activated moisture pouch allows you to conveniently place it anywhere to fight off excess moisture known to cause mold, mildew and musty odors. 

100% CORDLESS & DISPOSABLE GUN SAFE DEHUMIDIFIER: No cables or batteries required: just toss a charcoal-activated pouch into the desired location and say goodbye to moisture! 

RESEALABLE FOIL PACKAGING MAINTAINS FRESHNESS: Our top-quality pouches are perforated, allowing for easy moisture absorption. Any unused pouches can be resealed in original packaging for later use. 


These moisture-absorbing pouches penetrate small spaces up to 150 cubic feet.

Optimal Use:

They are the perfect moisture absorbers for food storage, cars, closets, refrigerators, bathrooms, under sinks, purses, instrument cases, camera cases, storage containers, and so much more. 

Design Technology:

Engineered with industry-leading non-toxic crystallized desiccant technology and activated charcoal for the optimal moisture-absorbing product.

How They Work:

Each compact pouch is 100% disposable. Pouches are perforated, allowing for easy moisture absorption. Store unused pouches in their original resealable package for later use. 

Our Eva-Dry Promise:

Protect your valuables and small spaces with our E-150 moisture-absorbing pouches! Enjoy dry, healthy spaces! Contact our customer service if any issues arise with your product.

Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 8 in

Power Source

Suited for spaces up to


Usage in Motion




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