Humidity is everywhere. Moisture can cause damage all over your home and in your vehicles, boat, or RV. It would be best if you had different solutions to tackle different areas – and that’s where our bundles and multi-packs can really help. You can choose from one of our home value packs, dehumidifier bundles that mix and match various models to tackle your unique moisture control needs. Our renewable dehumidifiers also come in multi-packs of various quantities. You can use them to tackle excess moisture in your cars, boats, closets, kitchen, and bathrooms. Or place them in storage containers to preserve and protect your collectibles, keepsakes, long-term food storage, and more. Whether you choose a dehumidifier multi-pack or dehumidifier bundles from Eva-Dry, you can rest easy knowing they are backed by industry-leading warranties and best-in-class customer service. Not sure which dehumidifier bundle or multi-pack to get? Feel free to contact us for help in tackling your moisture problem. We have expert representatives standing by to assist you with your order.

  • E-250 Mini Dehumidifier (4-Pack)

  • E-333 Renewable Mini-Dehumidifier (2-PACK)

  • E-333 Renewable Mini-Dehumidifier (6-PACK)

  • E-500 Renewable High Capacity Dehumidifier (5-PACK)

  • EDV-365-1C-CS Air Dry Add-on Cylinder (6-Pack)

  • E-150 Pouch Disposable Moisture Absorber (4-PACK)