Using a Small Greenhouse Dehumidifier Means Healthy Plant Life

Simple hydroponic growing systems are easy to set up and maintain. Even the most untalented gardener can enjoy a lush, fresh harvest of food and herbs on a daily basis. Whether you have indoor growing facilities or set up a simple hydroponic herb garden in an indoor greenhouse, a sunny windowsill or on your kitchen counter using a grow light, using a dehumidifier can make a big difference.

Manage Moisture Effectively With A Greenhouse Dehumidifier

According to Greenhouse Product News, too much humidity in a greenhouse spells trouble. Condensation dripping from the ceiling can spread diseases. Often, fresh cuttings and trimming that catch water in the recess of the cut are the first signs.

Slowly, water puddles can form on the greenhouse floor and promote algae growth. That’s not to mention they can be a safety hazard for yourself or workers.

However, too little humidity can stress plants by accelerating transpiration. Finding the right balance is the key to your plants’ growth.

Humidity Control is the Key

Transpiration is the loss of water from a plant in the form of water vapor. Many plants attempt to wick away excess moisture on their leaves, pulling in water from the roots to the leaves through the xylem.

Specialized lighting, warm air, timing, and watering mechanisms are needed to optimize plant growth. Fans may be needed to help the air circulation, and dehumidification of the area may be required for the comfort of everyone and the health of the plants.

Both Too Dry and Too Wet Are Bad and Vary Depending On The Plants

Having ideal climate conditions is necessary in order for your plants to thrive. Dry air can hinder your plants’ growth.

You need the right balance of humidity in order to maintain your greenhouse. This is another reason why a greenhouse dehumidifier is a good option; it can help you maintain that level. If you have to battle with indoor air and climate control Eva-Dry is your best dehumidification solution.

Small Greenhouse Dehumidifier

Maintaining consistent humidity levels in greenhouses provides a comfortable environment in which plants can thrive. Enhancing ventilation, maintaining humidification, and ensuring proper cooling can aid in plant development and healthy plant growth.

For spaces up to 4000 cubic feet, the EDV-4000 is just one of our dehumidification systems that use innovative rotary desiccant technology to provide high-volume dehumidification without requiring a compressor. Featuring a large catch basin that only requires periodic emptying and a built-in ionizer, this machine will keep your crop healthy while making sure your space is comfortable.

For smaller gardens, consider the E-333 or E-500 Renewable Dehumidifier, which will dehumidify a 333 cubic foot or 500 cubic foot area (respectively) without requiring a dedicated power source.