Gun Safe Dehumidifier: Keep Your Gun Safe, Safe

Protecting your ammunition supply from damaging moisture and humidity is fairly easy, even if you live in coastal or other very humid areas. Storing ammunition improperly is dangerous and wasteful. Dangerous, because corroded bullets can randomly fire. Wasteful, because once they start to rust and corrode, they must be disposed of. Ammunition is frequently sold in paper or cardboard boxes, which means both the container and its content are vulnerable to a very serious enemy: Moisture. Don’t buy ammo in bulk and then ruin it with improper storage methods. Try a gun safe dehumidifier.

Why Get A Gun Safe Dehumidifier?

Here are 3 reasons why you, as a gun owner should invest in a gun safe dehumidifier:

High levels of humidity can cause moisture damage to items stored inside your gun safe. Your guns are some of your most prized possessions. A mini dehumidifier can help keep them dry.
Removing water from your gun collection can be quite time-consuming. You’ll need to clean off and grease each piece before you can store them again. A dehumidifier will prevent water from collecting on your collection, keeping them safe and dry.
Moisture has highly damaging effects on wooden pieces. If your collection contains any wood pieces, then these are at risk of warping and cracking from absorbing the moisture. A gun-safe dehumidifier will prevent any part of your gun from breaking.

What should my gun safe humidity level be?

Humidity meter at 50%, showing proper gun safe humidity levelsAccording to the NRA, your safe should be kept between 30%-50% humidity at 70 degrees room temperature is the perfect storage condition to help prevent rust and corrosion. If the air becomes dryer than 20%, you could see issues with your gun stocks.

Lower The Humidity in The Container

For a dehumidifier to work, or to keep out moisture, you should switch to a plastic or metal container that keeps most of the air out. Large holes or soluble materials like cardboard naturally get wet from the ambient humidity. But sealing off the inside isn’t enough.

Nothing frustrates a gun owner more than locking their valuable weapon away in a safe only to find moisture has rusted the delicate metal components and warped the wooden accents. So, how do you keep your guns secure while protecting them from humidity damage? Here are a few tips:

Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Desiccants, or moisture-absorbing devices, are relatively small and inexpensive tools that will absorb excess moisture from the air inside of your gun safe.  Desiccants should be placed in and around your gun safe for increased protection.

Only having a dehumidifier in your gun safe works fine depending on whether it’s in the basement, or what part of the country you’re in. It’s hard to tell without having a hygrometer how much help you need.

Mini Dehumidifiers

Product photo of an Eva dry Gun Safe Mini DehumidifierMini dehumidifiers are compact enough to fit in nearly any gun safe. They’re also strong enough to absorb any excess moisture that eludes dehumidifying heater rods.

What’s the Best Choice?

Guns, like musical instruments, need to be kept at low humidity, but the type of dehumidifier you need depends on the size of the safe or storage.

If you keep your guns in a sealed go-bag or hunter’s bag, our Desiccant Pouches are more than enough to keep the moisture at bay. For the standard safe, our mini dehumidifiers work well with both paper documents and guns.

However, if you’re a collector planning on using a gun rack or converted humidor to store your arms, you’ll want something that works for a larger case or for the entire room. In which case, our petite dehumidifier is the perfect solution. It’s strong enough to cover the size of a shed or large bathroom and keep it dry.

Eva-Dry Dehumidifiers

Moisture build-up affects both the look and function of a gun. By equipping a dehumidifier in your gun safe, you can rest assured that your firearms will be protected. You can see what else we have to offer here.

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