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Power Supply for the eva-dry 2200 model

PRODUCT SAFETY NOTICE: Why Your Eva-Dry Power Supply Adapter “may” become Hot

All AC adapters generate auxiliary heat and can sometimes on occasion become very warm. All Eva-Dry power supplies (see photo inset) are CE and UL listed to meet all government rules and regulations. Eva-Dry Peltier Dehumidifiers (including both the Eva-Dry 1100 and Eva-Dry 2200 electric models) use external alternating current (AC) adapters that convert high-voltage alternating current electricity into lower-voltage, more stable direct current. Adapters of this type have the potential to become extremely warm to the touch.

Please Use Caution When Directly Handling Your Eva-Dry AC Adapter and Make Certain It Is NOT Covered by a Blanket, Rug, etc…

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

1 review for EDV-2200 Power Supply

  1. Mags (verified owner)

    Okay I promised I would do a review on this power supply. And to do so I will have to explain a few things on why I used this and who I am to help perhaps others. I an electrical engineer of 25 years. And I have 2 EDV-1100’s. They work excellent. I use them in my gun cabinet. I only use 1 at a time but have bought2in case of 1’s failure. Knock on wood but this other than the power supply have worked like a champ. And only after a few years did one of the power supply’s fail. The power supplies get rather warm and go 24/7. So a few years I guess that’s not bad. But thought this one with the same output cord and a higher current and made for a larger unit would be better suited.

    Well I hate to admit this but I did no pay attention to the slightly higher voltage rating of the EDV-2200 power supply. The EDV-1100 is a 9 volt @ 2.5 amp supply. The EDV-2200 power supply is a 12 volt output @ 6.5 amps. Worried that perhaps the extra 3 volts into the EDV-1100 may cause issues other than the fan turning a bit faster I called Eva-Dry. I promise all I am for real and not a fake reviewer nor a paid person by Eva-Dry. I got many calls back which pleased me that they took my Customer Help seriously and called me promptly. I talked to a super nice guy named Joe. He explained to me that the extra 3 volts would not be an issue. He even called the company and they also explained this would be okay. So if anyone has an issue or wants a beefier power supply for your EDV-1100 this will work for you as it has me. Only time will tell and it’s only been 2 days working. But all seems to be fine other than the fan is turning faster which I find perfect cause it raises the drying effect. Hope this may help someone.

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