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Costco Warehouse is offering an exclusive low price on the Eva-Dry EDV 1200 compact dehumidifier. Hurry in to save big while the offer lasts.

Limited Time Offer on the Eva-Dry EDV 1200 compact dehumidifier.

About the Eva-Dry EDV-1200 compact dehumidifier.

Costco is offering an exclusively low price on the Eva-Dry EDV 1200 dehumidifier. Why should you be excited? Because in addition to huge savings, you will be getting an electric compact dehumidifier of incredible quality and efficiency. For instance, this compact yet powerful dehumidifier is perfect for all of your small to medium-sized spaces. For example, the EDV 1200 can dehumidify closets, cabinets, cars, bathrooms, boat cabins, laundry rooms, RVs, and more. As a result, your possessions stay dry and free from moisture. Moisture can cause musty smells and make it easier for mold and mildew to grow.

In conclusion, this electric dehumidifier is perfect to keep what matters to you free from moisture damage. How? By removing excess moisture from the environment.

The EDV 1200 is easy to use. First, plug it into a wall outlet. Then push the power button to turn it on. Using ultra-quiet and energy-efficient Peltier Technology, the EDV-1200 quickly pulls moisture out of the air. The moisture is then stored in its 30 oz reservoir. When the reservoir fills up, the unit shuts off automatically. Simply pour out the reservoir and place back in the unit to continue dehumidifying.

The EDV-1200 is built to high-quality standards and engineered to last. Eva-Dry, a U.S. based dehumidifier brand, stands by its products. It offers a 1-year limited warranty on the EDV 1200 compact dehumidifier. Hurry in to Costco today and take advantage of this incredible discounted pricing!

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